COVID-19 update

We have all seen massive upheaval to our normal lives and work because of the effects of the viral pandemic. Victoria has experienced the most significant restrictions of any region in Australia and these tight restrictions have worked to reduce the cases in our community.

Can I attend in person for a consult?

Mr Wilkinson is consulting in person for all patients referred to see him unless they particularly request a telephone or telehealth appointment. There are screening measures in place to ensure the health and safety of all our patients and staff. We have still restricted the seating in the waiting room to comply to distancing regulations.

Please do not attend if you feel unwell or are waiting for the results of a COVID-19 test result.

If you are unable to attend because of these reasons please let us know – we can arrange a phone or telehealth appointment.

Will I still be able to have surgery?

If surgery is the recommended treatment for you it can be arranged with minimal fuss. Currently we require any patient coming for surgery should have a COVID-19 test a few days before their operation. Once the test is performed you should isolate at home until the day of your operation.
All of this can be explained and arranged at the time of your office consultation.
If you have any other questions please email or call the office for information.